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  • Copywriting
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We create brands and interfaces for forward-thinking leaders: an innovative service focused on delivering great design to achieve your goals.

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Rektangle is the design studio of Dr. Mehmet Aydın Baytaş, PhD in interaction design and interface designer of 20+ years.

We offer the definitive full-stack design solution for forward-thinking decision-makers: twice-weekly work packages from the hand of a technical designer with exceptional range, experience, and organization.

We maintain laser-focus on strategic objectives and human experience while upholding the highest aesthetics in communication design.

Our house style of minimal graphics, impeccable typography, and luxurious microinteractions draws on years of research in human factors, visual culture, and graphics technology.

In addition to design deliverables shipped with total reliability, we reduce complexity in your design, product, and marketing operations with our multi-disciplinary expertise.

We not only create visual systems, but increase your design maturity with our highly refined toolkit and workflows.

Let's talk. We'll help you find the best design solution, even if it's not us.

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